Rebul Interlok Crates

The Rebul Interlok crate is a smart, environmentally friendly option for people who need a cost-effective, protective crating solution. Like its complimentary product, the internationally patented Rebul Freight Crate, it is at the leading edge of smart, environmentally friendly crating.

The design patented Rebul Interlok crates are made to specification from impact resistant paper honeycomb board, making it lightweight, strong and shock absorbent. It is reusable and can be flat-packed for storage and transport.

We make the Rebul Interlok crates to the client's size and volume specifications and there is no minimum order quantity. The product can be supplied flat packed in bulk or pre-assembled for smaller orders.

Custom cut from 100% biodegradable paper honeycomb board, the crates are dust resistant when sealed and thermally insulating, protecting their contents from the effects of temperature extremes. Custom cutting creates neat, smart-looking crates that can be branded and that fit snugly around any cargo, reducing volumetric weight and thus transport cost. They are easy to assemble and disassemble without tools and can be flat-pack stored for re-use.

The perfect, fully biodegradable alternative to corrugated packaging or wooden crating, Rebul Interlok crates are also ISPM15 exempt. This mean they can be used to ship items to most countries in the world without the prohibitions that are placed on wooden packaging to prevent the spread of disease and insects that could damage local ecosystems.

We produce three applications of the Rebul Interlok crate:

Interlok Light, for loads up to 50kg, comes with standard 15mm, 22mm or 35mm walls in brown Kraft finish. It is perfect for removals and relocations and the transport of electronic equipment, comes flat-packed for customer assembly

Interlok Pre-assembled, for loads up to 200kg, comes with standard 22mm or 35mm thick walls in brown Kraft finish. It comes with integrated pallet bearers for loads above 100kg and can carry loads of up to 1 ton if used with timber pallets. These crates are used to transport fine art frames and sculptures, fragile machinery and other high-value items.

Interlok Strapped is custom-made for high-volume loads. It comes with integrated pallet bearers and can be used with timber pallets. Framed edge protectors are provided to facilitate strapping by client.

Rebul Interlok Crate Advantages

Developed as a complimentary product to the internationally patented Rebul Freight Crate, the Rebul Interlok crate offers the perfect, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional corrugated packaging or wooden crating. It is popular as a completely customisable, cost-effective crating solution in various industries, thanks to the competitive advantages it gives its users:

• 100% recyclable and biodegradable
• Lightweight, easy to manage
• Unique simple assembly feature
• No tooling required to assemble or open
• Made to order, made to size and made to quantity, with no limitations
• Supplied flat-packed or assembled on request
• Able to withstand loads up to 250 kg
• No need for fumigation – 100% ISPM15 compliant
• Comes in thicknesses of 10mm, 16mm, 22mm, and 35mm
• Precision cut panels fit to form neat, smart looking crates
• Impact resistant provides superior protection
• Dust resistant and thermally insulating once sealed
• Custom sizing reduces volumetric weight
• Smooth surfaces allow easy branding and labelling
• Lightweight alternative to timber crates
• Made from recycled or renewably grown paper
• Suited to airfreight
• Easy Customs inspection
• Stackable, flat-packable to reduce storage and transport requirements
• International design patent protected

Rebul Interlok Crate

Material Glue: Water-based, Non-hazardous
Paper Core: 25% recycled, 75% sustainably grown, virgin
Paper Liner: 100% sustainably grown, virgin
Wrapping Paper: 50% recycled, 50% sustainably grown, virgin

B Cell Kraft Standard Thickness: 10mm, 16mm, 22mm, 35mm
A Cell Kraft Standard Thickness: 10mm, 16mm
A Cell Graphic Standard Thickness: 10mm, 16mm

Other Sizes: Crates can be manufactured to any dimensions required, with the type of material used determining the price of the product. Please contact us for further information or recommendations from our vastly experienced sales team.