Rebul Crating Solutions

Rebul is a proudly South African producer of paper-based honeycomb products. With our vast experience in the application of honeycomb and honeycomb board, we are able to provide unique and innovative packaging solutions to protect fragile and valuable items.

We are committed, through innovative use of sustainable products, to reduce the environmental impact that current protective packaging systems exert on our natural resources.

We make our patented crating solutions to order according to your specifications in a fast and convenient process.

Our patented Rebul Freight and Interlok crates are light but strong and reusable and can be flat-packed for storage.

ISPM15 Exempt

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Patent Protected

___________________________​​​​​​​Internationally recognized paper core joining system

Environmentally Friendly

___________________________​​​​​​​100% Recyclable and Biodegradable

Ideal For Export

___________________________​​​​​​​ISPM15 exempt, so no need for fumigation

User Friendly

___________________________​​​​​​​Light-weight, robust and easy to use – no tools required

Strong, eco-friendly paper honeycomb

The six-sided structure the honeycomb that bees produce is one of nature's own engineering marvels. Applying those structural principals while using environmentally friendly recycled paper and water-based glue, allows Rebul to provide a versatile material with amazing strength-to-weight properties. Our proudly South African paper honeycomb products serve a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, relocations and arts & decor.

Paper honeycomb packaging made from eco-friendly recycled paper is not only light and durable, but it is amazingly strong and impact resistant. Our manufacturing capability allows us to custom-make products to client specifications, creating the perfect crating solution for every use. A lightweight, perfectly fitted, reusable and flat-pack storable crate saves significant amounts of money during its product lifetime.

Our smart, environmentally friendly crating solutions is perfect for international shipping. The crate contains no wood, which means it can enter ISPM15 countries without the need for fumigation or other treatment against harmful plant diseases or insects.


Doing business internationally while ignoring the demands of environmental sustainability is fast becoming impossible.

Paper honeycomb products beat their competition on most dimensions of environmental responsibility. The packaging is made from recycled paper, which means 31% lower energy use during manufacturing. It is also completely biodegradable, which means it does not spend an eternity in landfills.

Compared to other paper packaging materials like carboard and corrugated cardboard, honeycomb uses significantly less paper in its manufacture. However, this does not mean that honeycomb sacrifices strength. It achieves an impressive 7kg/cm^2 compressible strength.

Rebul's ability to cut honeycomb board to the exact specifications that clients need, brings additional environmental benefits. A snug, custom-made crate that is strong enough to stack means less space is wasted in transit. This, combined with the light weight of the crates, enables the optimisation of freight space, which means fewer trips and less fuel burned.