How Honeycomb Paper can be used for packaging

With the ever-increasing use of natural resources worldwide, today’s industries have placed more emphasis on the utilization of resources that are sustainable, or that have an endless amount; that can be harnessed without there being a decrease in supply. Even in the packaging industry sustainable and more environmentally friendly solutions are the way to go. An example is the honeycomb paper packaging and its variants.

At Rebul, we produce paper-based honeycomb products, which includes innovative packaging solutions to protect fragile and valuable items. Let us look at some of the advantages of utilizing honeycomb paper packaging.

Extremely durable:

Honeycomb pare packaging is an outstanding innovation as its strength lies in the design. The honeycomb core and sandwich layers act like traditional steel I-beam, usually used in construction and civil engineering applications. When combined with other materials like plastic, fiberglass or metal, honeycomb paper becomes even stronger.


Unlike steel, honeycomb paper is extremely lightweight and actually boasts a strength to weight ratio that is more impressive than many other materials. This is why it’s such a great solution for packaging applications. Companies can take advantage of honeycomb paper packaging and greatly reduce the weight of their shipments, while benefiting from the durability and protection it provides.


Another benefit of honeycomb paper packaging is that it’s 100% recyclable. It’s usually manufactured from renewable and recyclable paper that is glued together using a water-based adhesive. Compared to traditional materials like cardboard and corrugated cardboard, honeycomb paper utilizes significantly less paper in its construction. However, the reduction in paper doesn’t detract from its strength, far from it, with honeycomb paper achieving an impressive 7kg/cm2 compressible strength.

Honeycomb paper panels are normally die cut to the exact shapes and sizes businesses need, which allows all types of products to be placed securely inside them and is the perfect solution for companies that produce a variety of products.

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